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Our Mission

A. To increase the penetration of gospel music in cities and towns in America through a greater awareness of, and a greater acceptance of, this original contributing art form of Black America to American Music and the world.
B. To preserve and expand the rich, traditional heritage components while increasing acceptance of ever-evolving contemporary expressions.
C. To establish an association that seeks to raise and maintain a high level of quality and proficiency in religious broadcast presentations.
D. To strengthen existing, and to open new channels of communication between artists, manufacturers, distributors, one-stops, retailers and announcers, and to provide a forum where these areas may come together to seal differences and design a positive course for the growth of gospel music.
E. To create a unified body that can serve the world as one voice, crying out in the wilderness the reality of the Christ.
Our Goals:
To increase broadcast time of gospel music.
To provide a greater understanding of gospel music's effect on lifestyles and the quality of life.
To expose new gospel artists.
To increase the quality of recordings.
To broaden the variety of gospel music presentation.
To ensure the development of wider distribution.
To ensure the servicing of new product and increase re-servicing.
To get gospel music broadcasts in new areas.
To ensure on-going national promotion.
To develop a national music survey chart that is representative of the music being played.
To develop workshops and seminars that allow for the exchange of problems, solutions, and techniques.
To develop greater sensitivity at station management level.
Benefits of Membership:
To be a part of the world's largest Gospel Announcers Network.
To receive continuing skills development, research date, and new announcing techniques.
To receive information on new technology and gospel music trends.
To interface with major record label representatives.
To experience face to face interaction with the pacesetters of the gospel industry.
To receive spiritual renewal and revitalization.
To receive the latest gospel releases.
To receive the latest gospel products from key record labels.
To be on the most prestigious list of gospel announcers in the world.