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The organization known as the “Texas Gospel Announcers Guild – GMWA, Inc.” referred to as TGAG was formed by William "Bill the Mailman" Martin, in Austin Texas, and eight other members in 1989.

The organization encompasses chapters in Austin, Bryan, Dallas, Houston, Lufkin, San Antonio, and Waco. We are a non-profit, interdenominational, inter-racial, and voluntary association of gospel announcers, artists and other industry professionals.

Our Goals and Objectives:
We embrace all gospel music genres and art forms of praise as an approach to achieve the following objectives:

  • To enhance and upgrade the creation and presentation of Gospel music throughout the world.

  • To provide a platform and forum for the presentation of Gospel music art on all performance levels.

  • To open new geographical regions, conventional and non-conventional venues where gospel talent on all levels of development can perform before vast audiences.

  • To increase broadcast time of Gospel Music.

  • To offer scholarships for educational advancement within the genre of Gospel and other African-American Sacred Music.

  • To unify all components of the Gospel music industry in the common goal of achieving a greater level of acceptance for Gospel music throughout the world.

  • To develop programs targeted to youth and young adults that teach the principles of Christianity, worship ethics, social responsibility and citizenship through the disciplines of Gospel music art.

  • To recognize and honor individual contributions and achievements of pioneers in gospel music.

  • To foster the performance of excellence by commending artistic excellence in the creation and presentation of Gospel music.